Sailing, exploring the seas, playing with the natural elements. It has attracted people for centuries. Maybe you have been sailing all your life or you have recently started dreaming about new adventures on the water.
The question then is what is the yacht that best suits my wishes? How do I go about looking for that? But above all, what do I encounter in the purchasing process?

With years of experience as a yacht broker and representative of the world's leading catamaran brand, I have used my expertise as an independent purchasing advisor. The presence of an experienced purchasing advisor becomes crucial: someone who not only supports you in finding the perfect yacht, but also provides expert guidance throughout the entire purchasing process and perhaps beyond.

A small organization in which we strive for personal and adequate contact with customers. I invite you to look at the website to see the services we offer. Whether you want to buy a used yacht or a new yacht, we are happy to assist you.

Hemmo Dijkstra

Founder Nautilus Yacht