yacht charter

Nautilus yacht offers a unique cabin charter program. A new concept on the charter market; you can now rent a cabin on a luxury yacht and have an unforgettable experience with the yacht's owners. Do you dream about taking a long trip? We have a number of yacht owners in our program who are already on their journey and offer one or more cabins on their yacht through us. They are all young and luxurious yachts and currently (still) mainly catamarans.

We profile our yacht owners and look for suitable charter guests so that the chance of joining is as great as possible. The owners will each receive their guests in their own way and share their adventure with a personal touch. This is possible for charter guests who are planning to make such a trip themselves or are considering purchasing a yacht. But also simply as part of your holiday.

All cabins have a spacious double bed with a sea view, a private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. All yachts are equipped with a spacious salon, kitchen and fantastic outdoor areas / sun decks. The yachts can sail anywhere in the world. We cannot guarantee an exact location, but we can guarantee a sailing area. Only one booking is accepted per yacht, so you will have the yacht together with the owners without others