Information for charter guests

Our background puts us in good contact with many yacht owners. We have learned that there is a demand for the opportunity to sail on yachts that make long voyages. Especially from people who are considering making such a trip or want to purchase such a yacht. But it can also be a lot of fun as a holiday trip and a good affordable alternative to traditional yacht charters. Many yacht owners enjoy making new contacts and sharing their experiences.
The owners' boats are often more luxuriously equipped and the personal approach of the owners ensures a pleasant and often informative experience. To ensure that there is the greatest possible chance of a pleasant connection between the yacht owners and the charter guests, we work with profiles. People are different and have different interests and habits. If we can determine some similarities in advance by asking both parties a number of questions, we can ensure that the chance of a match is high.

What can you expect as a charter guest?

In our program you will mainly find a range of cruising catamarans, this is because our background is in the sale of these yachts. In addition, catamarans are extremely suitable for the cabin charter concept due to their spacious design and the distribution of the cabins over the hulls. In the future we also expect to be able to offer a range of monohull and motor yachts.

You always have sole ownership of the yacht together with the owners. No combinations will be made with other charter guests who are not included in your booking. On some boats you can choose 2 or more cabins per booking, for example if you want to sail with children or with friends or family.

The skippers will kindly welcome you on board their yacht at the agreed location. In most cases this will be in a marina, but in some cases you may be picked up by dingy and taken on board. There is no need to sail on the day of embarkation, but it is possible. On board you can furnish your cabin and you will receive a short tour and explanation about the facilities on board. For the rest of your stay on board, the program varies per boat and will be planned in consultation. The skipper bears responsibility for this and will therefore always have the freedom to deviate from this.
The cabins are always equipped with a double bed with a sea view and their own sanitary facilities with shower, sink and toilet. Of course, water consumption, etc. must be taken into account.

The costs of a cabin charter depend on the size of the yacht and the cabin(s), and the equipment also plays a role. The booking and payment are made via Nautilus yacht and the costs for your use of food and drinks, port fees, etc. must be paid in consultation with the yacht owners. These costs depend on the sailing area and the program that is followed. As far as possible, these costs will be announced to you in advance when booking. On board you can count on breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you eat outside, these costs will be shared.

A boarding location will be given when booking. The travel costs to the pick-up and drop-off location are for the charter guest and are therefore not included. The skippers will strive to stick to this location. But it is possible that this location may be deviated from due to weather conditions or force majeure. This can happen, especially if the booking has been in place for a number of months. We will then inform you adequately and help you think about how you can travel to the alternative location. The skippers and Nautilus yacht reserve the right to deviate from agreed programs and destinations if there are circumstances that require this at the skipper's discretion.