information for yacht owners

Do you have a spacious yacht that you travel with or spend a longer period of time on board each year? Do you not want to place your yacht in a classic charter program where you are no longer the boss of your own yacht? But do you like to occasionally take charter guests who suit you or are you looking for a commercial activity to keep your boat exempt from VAT? Then Nautilus yacht's cabin charter program is really something for you. You can offer one or more cabins in our cabin charter program. You can indicate which periods you want to make cabins available, but it is also possible to rent out on request.
We create a profile of you as owners and look for a suitable charter guest to optimize the chance of connection. We also profile the charter guest and investigate whether there are sufficient similarities.

The intention is that you give the charter guests an experience of your trip, but as a guest and not as a "boarder". Charter guests can expect a pleasant stay with food and drinks on board. In the profiling questions you can indicate how you prefer to use your yacht, for example whether you anchor a lot and visit places or whether you sail a lot and are mainly on the road.
The charter program can be operated on all types of yachts from motor yachts to catamarans and can also take place in any destination in the world. The requirements we set for the yacht are that it offers sufficient space and that the yacht is in excellent condition at all times. Furthermore, there must be sufficient statutory safety equipment on board and appropriate insurance must have been taken out. We can of course advise and assist you in this regard.

Whether you only want to rent out a cabin twice a year or 20 times a year, everything is possible. A charter is a minimum of 5 days and you can indicate the maximum number of days yourself.

We offer an attractive loyalty program for participants; If you refer another yacht owner, you will receive 5% of the net proceeds from the rental income of the yacht in question. You can add as many boats as you want.

Nautilus yacht mediates and organizes the bookings for you, payment is also processed through us and we ensure that the payment is made to you before the charter guest comes on board.

Are you interested and would you like to receive more information? Please contact us for detailed information.